FTPS using Explicit TLS howto (Server)

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Could possibly send:2 ciemblrs/bucket men, .. in extreme emergency may send 2 more bucket men3 sawmen/groundmen .. in extreme emergency may send 2 more ground men3 ISA certified Arborists, EHAP trained, many years of experience in commercial, private and utility work. Experienced in emergency response. Need more information of auto liability, WC for state, need to know requirements, Need to know WC for Owners and officers MUST be covered by the WC policy which owners/officers, my company or yours. I have coverage on mine, but question covering anyone other than my employees. Need more information.Could possibly send 3 bucket trucks, 3 chip box trucks, 3 foremen vehicles, .my vehicles will be driven by my staff only.Require information about payment amounts and how/when paid. Who is paying. Is there per diam, who is responsible for food/fluids, sleeping arrangements, fuel for saws, vehicles, .This note is NOT a commitment of resources, men, nor equipment, it is sent to request more information from you and to give an indication of possible crews participation