FTPS using Explicit TLS howto (Server)

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Just spent 2 hours trying to get my .co.uk Hotmail aocnuct working on HTC Desire HD. JUST tried a tip (off another site) of changing my password from 16 to 8 chars ..it NOW works Thanks for the tip Here's the tip:seekingmemoses2nd April 2011, 12:50 AMHooray! After hours and hours of searching various web forums, I never found an answer to the question I and several others had on why I could never get the HTC Sense Mail app to log into my Hotmail aocnuct ( Authentication Failed . And then, all of the sudden, I had an epiphany: I had strengthened up my Hotmail password before receiving this new phone and wondered if that was the culprit.My original password was 17 characters long, so I tried using a shorter password (10 characters or less) and SUCCESS!Although I have an Inspire 4g, the same should be true for a DHD or any other phone running Sense 2.It appears that the HTC app is not capable of sending a longer password for verification, and likely chops part of it off when sending to Microsoft.