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Is there anyway to automate a download? Something like a command line argument to download?

Guys---no where on the FileZilla home page could I find the size of the download; so, I came to the wiki. Not here either....???

When I try to download Filezilla I get this file instead of an exe. What do I do with this?

Is windows 8 supported by the current version[edit]

Hello! I wanted to ask if Windows 8 supported by the current version of FileZilla, because there's no related mentions. Thanks!

Further to the question about Win8 - I noticed that other platforms have 64bit binaries, but the file name on the (only) Windows download implies it's a 32bit build. Is there a native 64bit build for Windows?


Failed to create listen socket on port 0[edit]

Hi, Im new to this, followed the instruction info for connecting to my OpenCart account, but I keep getting this error message???

Any ideas????