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Some ideas

How can I transfer all files and directories except for example ".svn"?

Use the filter (in toolbar) to create a proper filter then then simply transfer your files/directories. --

  • < CShadowRun> found it, its 0.9.14a that runs on win98 :) -- Last server version to run on 98
  • not supported at all anymore, use at own risk, be aware that there possible are lots of security flaws in fz and w98
  • I cannot run any Filezilla on Windows 95 since 2.2.20 to cuurent version.
    I tracked down he last working version was 2.2.19a
    -- Martin Mokrejs [ 1788573 ]

2.2.23 uses UTF8 internally. So pre-2.2.23 is last FileZilla 2 Client to run on customer Windows by default.

  • Add a page about setting up FileZilla on an application file server (better wording) as found in universities or companies. Explain and show the usefulness of docs/fzdefaults.xml.example file.

PDF document as FileZilla printable offline documentation

It would be handy if the FileZilla wiki could be compiled into a nice PDF for offline reference:

easy RFEs

List of (relatively) easy-to-implement feature requests (last revised: 2008-09-17):

  • [ 1705 ] show filename separately in transfer queues
  • [ 1749 ] Force file case (upper or lower)
  • [ 1861 ] Decrease Queue Bytes Remaining as File is Downloaded
  • [ 2709 ] Transfer failure notification (skipped transfers)
  • [ 2853 ] File Transfer Summary in Log When File Transfer Completes
  • [ 2883 ] new version update option at end of session

Revised (2012-08-05):

  • [ 2191 ] Directory drag & drop option
  • [ 2544 ] Remember RAW commands
  • [ 2743 ] FZ client 3: Let users to configure anonymous "password"
  • [ 2794 ] Keeping current views as default directories when copying current connection

If you like to implement any of these features, it would be nice if you could talk back to us before, just see the FAQ for contact information.

The list above most likely won't be updated anymore, since Trac allows tagging of items. So check out the list of all items tagged as "easy".

cheat sheet

Some useful formatings:

  • [ 1234 ] {{Trac|1234}} link to FileZilla Trac

drafts for new items

This is a list of drafts which I and others are (slowly) working on. They might be moved to the main wiki if the quality is good enough. You're free to improve them as well.