Command-line arguments (Server)

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Warning: The content of this page is outdated and does not apply to FileZilla Server version 1.x

These are the command-line arguments for FileZilla Server. The Client command-line arguments can be found under Command-line arguments (Client).

FileZilla Server command-line arguments[edit]

Starting and stopping the service:


Installing the service for manual startup:


Installing the service for start at boot:

/install auto

Uninstalling service:


Reloading configuration at runtime:


According to botg's link

/reload-config works by sending a window-message to the first instance of FileZilla Server it finds. In other words, not possible to specify instance. Not even the order in which it finds instances is defined.

Start and stop can be used together with /compat:
Note: That will start FileZilla Server as normal application and not as a service. Main purpose is for debugging.

/compat /start
/compat /stop

Change the service name & service display name: (0.9.33)
Note: This feature helps to create multiple instances.

/servicename SERVICENAME
/servicedisplayname SERVICEDISPLAYNAME