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I'm trying to install it on a PC with Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit and I'm receiving an error that says: "Could not find the resource files for FileZilla, closing FileZilla. You can set the data directory of FileZilla using the '--datadir <custompath>' commanderline option or by setting the FZ_DATADIR environment variable." So, what is it? I tried to use the 'Command' and I typed the commanderline <custompath> and nothing happened. Did I miss something? Thanks, JC.

Oddly enough, I have the same problem with the 3.5 Client on Mac OSX (10.8). -K

Start server[edit]

Ok so we can get the sevice to start or stop, what about the _server_? Any way to set it to auto activate, or a command line argument to get it to activate rather than going through the gui?

Can I set the download to AUTO DOWNLOAD at specific times ?

Open Default Connection When GUI Starts[edit]

How can I get FileZilla to open a default connection when the GUI starts?