ENETUNREACH with Kaspersky

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Problem: After updating Filezilla, Filezilla shows ENETUNREACH error, connecting to every known-good FTP server in your list (although localhost works), and you are using Kaspersky antivirus.

Up until FileZilla 3.10.3 (2015-03-29), Kaspersky was not a problem.

Starting with FileZilla 3.11.0 (2015-05-19) (and 3.11.0rc1 before it), Kaspersky's incorrect filtering breaks FileZilla. (Explained in this forum thread.)

FileZilla is a fine product. Do not abandon it because it breaks under Kaspersky. There is a work-around, in case Kaspersky never fixes their folly (detailed in this same forum thread).

Kaspersky seems a decent product. Do not abandon it because they messed up on FTP filtering.

These Kaspersky setting changes let FileZilla (2015-07-09) work in spite of "Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows" (Kaspersky KES 20140317). (Tested on Windows 7, 2015-08-09.)

  • Double click on the red K icon in the tray ("notification area") (near the clock). This pops up the Kaspersky window.
  • Click the tab "Settings".
  • Click the category "Anti-Virus protection". (It expands.)
  • Click the item "Firewall".
  • Look to the right window split. (There are three buttons. Each selects a tab of the same popup.)
  • Click the button "Application network rules...".
  • (The list seems unsorted.) Click on "Application" to sort. (It might update slowly.) Click "Application" again to get an ascending sort.
  • Find the category "FILEZILLA PROJECT". Click on the + to is left. (It expands.)
  • Click on the "item filezilla.exe". (The window splits to make room for an info panel.)
  • Click the button "Additional...". (A window "Application control rules" pops up.)
  • Click on the tab "Exclusions". (6 checkboxes are all blank.)
  • Click to check "Do not inherit restrictions of the parent process".
  • Click to check "Do not scan network traffic".

Kaspersky menus can vary by version or product. In this same forum thread, DailyLama's post on 2015-07-29 14:17 (which revealed the needed switches) shows what his Kaspersky Security Center menus looked like.