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Filename filters provide a way to filter out files and directories with respect to both visibility and transfers.

Showing Filters[edit]

To show and configure filters:

  • click on the proper toolbar icon (the 4th from the right), or
  • select "View > Filename filters...".

This will bring up the 'Directory listing filters' dialog box, that shows :

  • on the left side : the local filters
  • on the right side : the remote filters.

Multiple filters may be active at a time — those filters that are active will have a check next to them.

Modifying Filters[edit]

To modify filters, select the "Edit filter rules..." button at the bottom left of the filter dialog. This opens the "Edit filters" dialog, that shows:

  • On the left side : a list of existing filters (which may or may not be active).
  • On the right side : the select criteria for the filter selected on the left panel.

To rename, copy or delete a filter, select the existing filter and hit the appropriate button below.

Creating a New Filter[edit]

To create a new filter:

  • Press the New button,
  • Enter the filter name. The filter will appear in the left-hand pane, and will be selected.
  • Edit the filter settings, as described below.

The 'Filter Conditions' box[edit]

Choose if the filter match :

  • Any,
  • All, or
  • None

of the criteria defined bellow.

Filter Criteria[edit]

Your option on the left box define the options available on the middle box, described right ahead, and what you will type on the right box.

Name Criteria[edit]

Filename and Path allow the same options on the middle box. They can be one of the following:

  • contains : matches if the file/directory name contains the specified literal string.
  • is equal to : matches if the file/directory name exactly matches the specified literal string.
  • begins with : matches if the file/directory name begins with the specified literal string.
  • ends with : matches if the file/directory name ends with the specified literal string.
  • matches regex : matches the specified regular expression.

Size Criteria[edit]

Filesize criteria can be one of the following:

  • greater than :
  • equals :
  • less than :

Date Criteria[edit]

The date criterion is relative to a date which the user must enter. This feature, found in version 3.11.01 for Windows 64-bit, is not documented by the authors. The following format has been tried and appears to work correctly: AAAA-MM-DD HH:MM specifies the date and time in local time where AAAA is a four-digit year, MM the month number (01 for January, 02 for Feb., ... 12 for Dec.), DD the day of the month (01 to 31), HH the military hour of the day (00 to 23 where 00 is midnight, 01 is 1:00 AM, 12 is noon, 19 is 7:00 PM), MM the minute (00 to 59). After specifying the date and time you may choose before, after, equals or does not equal (the last two options seem to match any time within 15 minutes of what is specified), and you may include or exclude files based on this criterion, as on other criteria.

Attribute Criteria (Windows only)[edit]

File attribute criteria test for boolean flags (true or false) corresponding to file or directory attributes. The following attribute criteria are supported:

  • archived :
  • compressed :
  • encrypted :
  • hidden :
  • read-only :
  • system :

Attribute Criteria (non-Windows only)[edit]

File permissons criteria test for boolean flags (true or false) corresponding to file or directory permissions. The following permission criteria are supported:

  • owner readable :
  • owner writeable :
  • owner executable :
  • group readable :
  • group writeable :
  • group executable :
  • world readable :
  • world writeable :
  • world executable :

Contextual Conditions[edit]

At the bottom of the "Edit filters" dialog box, you can also find :

  • a checkbox to make filter conditions (I guess specifically Filter Name conditions) case sensitive. Newly created filters have this box unchecked, so names are matched regardless of actual letter case.
  • two checkboxes where you can select whether the conditions apply to files, or to directories. Both boxes may be checked at the same time. Newly created filters have both files and directories checked.

Adding and Removing Criteria[edit]

To remove a criterion from a filter : Click the minus button at the right of the criteria fields.

To add another criterion to a filter : Click the plus button at the right of the criteria fields.

Saving Filter Sets[edit]

A selection state of filters can be saved as a Filter Set, from the "Directory listing filters" dialog box.