Keyboard shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcut Description
F2 Rename selected file
F3 Search remote files
F5 Refreshes local and remote file and folder views
Tab Switches to the next view
Alt+Down Transfers the currently selected item to an item of the same name in the other pane
Alt+Up Navigates up one line in a tree view (same as Up Arrow), navigates to parent folder in file view
Ctrl+B Add bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+B Manage bookmarks
Ctrl+C Stops the current operation
Ctrl+D Disconnects from server
Ctrl+E Show files currently being edited
Ctrl+I Directory listing filters …
Ctrl+M Manual transfer
Ctrl+Shift+N create a new directory
Ctrl+O Enable directory comparison
Ctrl+P Process queue
Ctrl+Q Exit
Ctrl+R Reconnects to server
Ctrl+S Opens the Site Manager
Ctrl+T Opens a new tab
Ctrl+U Preserve timestamps of transferred files
Ctrl+Y Toggle synchronized browsing
Ctrl+W Close tab
Enter Transfers the currently selected item if it is a file or expands it if it is a directory
Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn switches to next/previous tab
Up Arrow Moves up one item in the current view
Down Arrow Moves down one item in the current view
Left Arrow Nothing in a files view, Up one level in a tree view
Right Arrow Down one level in a tree view, if there are subfolders, nothing if there are none. Pressing once expands a collapsed node. Pressing again steps down into it.