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This document will give a brief introduction how to get get started using Amazon S3 with FileZilla Pro. This guide assumes that you already have an S3 account. Keep your access key id and your secret access key at hand.

Step by Step instructions[edit]

  1. Start FileZilla and click the left-most toolbar button to open the Site Manager:
    Pro S3 1.png
  2. Create a new site and give it a meaningful name:
    Pro S3 2.png
  3. Select S3 - Amazon Simple Storage Service as protocol and enter the hostname of the primary region you are using:
    Pro S3 3.png
    Don't worry if you have buckets in multiple regions, you can access them all regardless of region. The entered hostname only controls which region new buckets will use.
  4. Using the normal logon type, enter your access key id as username and your secret access key as password. Last but not least, click on Connect to save your data:
    Pro S3 4.png
  5. You're now connected to S3 and will see a list of all your buckets on the right side:
    Pro S3 5.png

That's it! You're now connected to AWS. On the right you'll see a list of your available buckets:

For further instructions how to use FileZilla please refer to our Tutorial.