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ftps versus AUTH TLS ?

v3 Beta 11[edit]

Where is command line on FZ3 Beta 11? You can't just scrap that!

I believe, there's no command line in FZ3 :(

Open directly to site[edit]

It's crazy having no command line option to open directly to a given site and folder. What's the advantage in removing that functionality? That feature alone makes Windows Explorer infinitely more useful than FileZilla, despite any other shortcomings. Surely you can't allow that?! ;-P (Except that Explorer can't handle a user name which include an '@', something that's compulsory on some sites. :-/ FileZilla would handle that, no problem - except!) 13:14, 6 May 2008 (UTC)


Bad thing: "Unknown option" in FZ3 Usage: filezilla [/h] [--verbose]

Bring back the command line, I use it a lot.

Urlencoded urls[edit]

How can I use a password that contains a '@' sign when using sftp:// url ?

Using KeePass[edit]

As a frequent user KeePass (and I guess many other password manager with equivalent functionality), I would like to have some Command Line functionality available. By using KP's CMD function I call an application i.e. FileZila and pass the required fields through to the app.

In doing so it would be smart to CLI FileZilla with a Command Line switch to at least name the ftp server location or even nicer to refer to the Site Manager named location. JanEnEm

defaults for Cmd Line args[edit]

You definitively want to ask for a password when none is given by cmd line (interactive mode?). I can't see why that is not configurable (or default).

upload from command line[edit]

Could you please bring back all command line options that were in v2 ? especially -u to updload a file from command line.

Wouldn't you just use standard ftp commands from that point? You don't need Filezilla to embed their own parameters when standard ftp commands will work once the connection is made. ex. get or put will work once you establish the connection in the command line.

Can you explain how you do that with an exemple?

to ease the scripting process?

Need to revert to FZ2[edit]

Upload from command line is critical. New versions tend to add features, not remove them. I guess FZ is taking a different approach.

Commandline options are crucial for automation[edit]

Filezilla could be the best FTP backup client available with simply that. Features like threading, fast incremental uploads and /close make it perfect for backups. Bonkey takes 20+ minutes to do an incremental backup to FTP while filezilla can be configured to do it in 21 seconds.

However without the -u feature we cant make it backup automatically. This is a serious draw back.

Need more than -u anyway[edit]

I'm new to FileZilla but won't be using it. I need to automate FTP uploads. Not only is a lack of command line options crazy, but even -u is not enough. Windows "lame" FTP client lets you put a series of commands in a text file and run them all from a -s command line option. That's what FileZilla needs.

Using a GUI program for automated tasks is like using a taking a ride on the Space Shuttle to go to the grocery store next door. The right tool for the right task. You want to use a dedicated commandline client for automated tasks. --CodeSquid 22:30, 5 November 2009 (UTC)
Can you recommend a command line client that supports SFTP and use of a Proxy Server? Thanks.

+1 for commandline arguments restored to filezilla! Badly needed for proper automation scripting[edit]

I was a regular user of Filezilla, then one day I needed to automate uploading and downloading between sites and between my computer and sites. For backups, upgrading plugins and uploading files and images with auto generated scripting commands. Was very disappointed to see it can't be done easily in Filezilla as it doesn't accept command line arguments at this time. I searched over the net for such a tool and found CoreFTP which does that. Even in the free version! What are you waiting for to implement this back in Filezilla and make it the N°1 FTP software one again? I include this tip not as an advert for some competitor, but since I see other developers are looking for such a tool and probably don't want to wait for ever for you to do it ;-) Alistair

I also use it as an easy method for uploading and downloading files, you had a great product please bring back command line options. I could not wait to download the new version to see additional options and was disappointed to see what amounts to none available.

+1 for commandline arguments restored to filezilla! Badly needed for proper automation scripting[edit]

Similar usage requirement here. I need to automate a regular code drop from our build server. My first port of call was to check if FZ had command line and I was excited at first to find that it did, but then surprised to learn that it no longer did.

+1 to get -u switch back[edit]

I still use FZ2 and can not upgrade. it's a pitty to be forced to stick to v2. There must be a strong reason to remove this switch in fz3, I mean other than just bother users !

Agree that command line capability will be needed for automation[edit]

Charged with locating an open source ftp server/client solution, I thought that I had found the answer until finding these notes about a lack of command line functionality.

This has stopped any further investigation into using this software since evenually an automated solution will be required.

So, until that is available, for me, Filezilla is G-o-d-zilla. Good but Obviously Deficient. :(


Import queue[edit]

It would be nice to have an option to import the queue (in the same xml format used in File -> Import)...

Full command line support is a must[edit]

If it will not be in main application it must be created from same source as separate command line tool

Auto-Gen (Macro Recording) of Command Scripts[edit]

I too was disappointed that there's no command script facility.

I have heap big request though... Which may seem like it's really over the top, but not really, since it's easier than it sounds. Instead of a scripting language, which requires an interpreter and all that, why not just an auto-generated XML file, which consists of settings followed by a set of clicked commands? The rule would be that after starting the record function, no settings can be changed - just clicks like Upload.

Once a user sets up an FTP connection and all the associated options in the GUI are set, really 90% of the command script is stored in all the GUI control values, so a "Record Script" function could write out the settings in an XML or special ini file that is specific to each script. That avoids having to come up with a special language to set each little parameter.

The Record Script would then record command clicks like "Upload" until "Stop Recording" is clicked. Again, it could just be a series of XML entries of the commands clicked, not a real script language. Maybe a couple of upload options might have to be added like "Upload all missing files in folder", so that absolute filenames don't have to be specified.

Then all the command line interpreter would have to do is run the GUI, load the specified XML or ini file, load all the GUI options with settings from the XML file, and then run the array of clicks specified, and return error codes for each step.

A few users may be limited in the things they could do in a normal scripting language or command like interface, but since the script would be auto-generated, 99% of users would probably think it's great to simply record a "missing files" upload that can be scheduled with Windows Scheduler, just by running FZ GUI and specifying a XML / ini filename!

In theory!!! - Which usually gets more complicated when implemented :-)

FTP Client needs Command Line option[edit]

Just adding my vote... great GUI, no use at all as no scripting functionality.

Good night. Shame.