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Hi FZ Support team,

I'm a total noob to SFTP but have followed the instructions here to get Pagent and Putty and a connection to my server's SSH secure SFTP logon. Things are working good, was just wondering if perhaps someone could elaborate on exactly how to do this part in the article.

"As you may or may not know, FileZilla can be easily carried around on portable media such as a USB stick and used from any PC. This also applies to the PuTTY tools, so if you stick Pageant and your PPK key file on to, for example, a USB stick, you can now access your server from any Windows PC. "

Many thanks the duke

Hi FZ Support Team,

I have version and I don't see anymore the SSH2 option? Any suggestions?

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Could someone write a little bit more about setting this environment variable?


Hi everybody.

Sorry to say this, but this doesnt work. "Now simply launch FileZilla and connect to your server using SFTP using SSH2" I have no possibility to set explicitely "SSH2", I can only choose "SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocoll" which I've done. Also the Pageant is running with the key. I have here the interface in German. I did choose: Verbindungsart: Interaktiv Is this right? What else can be the reason, it is not working?

Thanks in advance, best regards, Thomas

Reply: To use an ssh key with the interactive mode (servers refer to it as key+password) you must add the key to the settings Edit->Settings->Connection->SFTP and add the private key file.

To login with just the ssh key (no FTP user password) in the connection set the logon type to "key file".

To try to help, I changed my interface language to German.

To use where logon type (Verbindungsart) is "Interaktiv"

  Go to Bearbeiten->Einstellungen->Verbindung->SFTP and add the key

If there is no FTP password, set logon type (Verbindungsart) to "Schlüsseldatei"

Cannot re-enable password storage[edit]

I'm going to assume that once you say "No" to storing passwords, that is it for your installation of FZ, you cannot re-enable this function. Because I said "No" after installation thinking "No, I would like to be asked most of the time", only to realise that I was saying "No" on behalf of all the "me"s for all times in the future. Seems pretty fugged-up. And scouring these pages in the wiki are no help. Lots on how to store your passwords, but zip, zero and nothing on how to recover the ABILITY to store passwords. Figured this might be something the HOWTO section might have something on it. I was wrong. 07:38, 4 June 2018 (CEST)

openssh format key is supported[edit]

this page state that openssh format key need to be converted to putty's ppk format, but most openssh use pem format to store private key, which is support by filezilla, too. there is no need to convert openssh format private key to putty format. 03:14, 18 June 2019 (CEST)