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I can't locate the instructions which allow me to save the settings for a given FTP site. They appear to be saving themselves somehow, so I'm not displeased with the product, but figured this should be an easy thing to do.

viewing files, I downloaded filezilla because i was told I could view all my zillion files with it. However, i can't view anymore of them than I can with the other ftp i was using. Is there a way I can view all my files a page at a time.

Thanks, lloyd

I am new to this FTP so I want to know how I can get my site, which is running on myBB, to install plugins like donate buttons, themes, etc. Please email me back

removing old quickconnect names[edit]

Over the past two years I have added new ways and changed others ways to get into my FTP website. What I don't know is how can I remove old quickconnect addresses that are no longer in use? Thanks for your help.

also, is it easy to change my password?

Please e-mail me at JayR

NICE Thanks alot it is the first time to use this software and i am so thankful for your kindness and if it is possible you can provide the knowledge about this. thank you so much.

this was bertrand

How to change Login type to Normal[edit]

Every time I set up a new FTP site, and want to setup the login type as normal, (this will allow me to enter the ID and password and it will be saved), I receive a message indicating that "Saving a password has been disabled by you. 'Normal' and 'Account' logon types are not available. Your entry has been changed to 'Ask for password'.

Go To "Edit" menu > "Settings" > "Interface" > "Behaviour" > "Do not save passwords" (uncheck).

Site Manager Delete[edit]

Currently Site Manager will only let you select one site at a time. If you click Delete, it removes the entry, then bounces the display to the top. After using FZ for many years, and moving between platforms and laptops and windows versions, my Site Manager was very long, and I needed to delete many old entries, and doing these one at a time is very time consuming.

Can the tree be changed to a selection box so that multiple entries can be selected, and then Delete only needs to be clicked once?

I wrote a separate application to handle this for my sites, but think this should be added to Base FZ. If anyone is interested in this separate tool you can email me at and I can email the tool out.

Let me know your thoughts.