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I can't locate the instructions which allow me to save the settings for a given FTP site. They appear to be saving themselves somehow, so I'm not displeased with the product, but figured this should be an easy thing to do.

viewing files, I downloaded filezilla because i was told I could view all my zillion files with it. However, i can't view anymore of them than I can with the other ftp i was using. Is there a way I can view all my files a page at a time.

Thanks, lloyd

I am new to this FTP so I want to know how I can get my site, which is running on myBB, to install plugins like donate buttons, themes, etc. Please email me back

removing old quickconnect names[edit]

Over the past two years I have added new ways and changed others ways to get into my FTP website. What I don't know is how can I remove old quickconnect addresses that are no longer in use? Thanks for your help.

also, is it easy to change my password?

Please e-mail me at JayR

NICE Thanks alot it is the first time to use this software and i am so thankful for your kindness and if it is possible you can provide the knowledge about this. thank you so much.

this was bertrand

How to change Login type to Normal[edit]

Every time I set up a new FTP site, and want to setup the login type as normal, (this will allow me to enter the ID and password and it will be saved), I receive a message indicating that "Saving a password has been disabled by you. 'Normal' and 'Account' logon types are not available. Your entry has been changed to 'Ask for password'.

Go To "Edit" menu > "Settings" > "Interface" > "Behaviour" > "Do not save passwords" (uncheck).