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FileZilla Site Manager

The Site Manager allows FileZilla client users to store information about their FTP sites.

Starting Site Manger

From the Client menu bar you may find the Site Manager command under the File sub menu.

Site Manager Dialog

Use the Select Entry field to select the target site . Once selected you may either Connect to , Edit, Copy, Rename, or Discard the site.

You may also organize the sites you can refer to using FileZilla, by introducing a complete folder structure. Use the New Folder button to introduce or add folders.

In the edit section, several tabs are available for detailed information about the FTP location.

  • General describes the hostname, the Port number, the stype of FTP server you will connect to, The type of login that will take place, when appropriate, the user ID to use when connecting, optional the password required, optional the account information needed and finally some space to make comments about the site.
  • Advanced describes several advanced funcionality
    • Servertype allows you to make a special selection for this FTP target. Most sites will work fine with the Default value.
    • Bypass proxy Allows to bypass any proxy server.
    • default ocal or remote directory fields allow for specifc starting settings when activating a connection.
    • Finally Time Zone Settings Allows to interpret time zone values for the FTP server differnt from its real settings.
  • Transfer Settings specifies in more detail how transfer may take place.
  • Charset specifies the character set used to communicate with the targeted FTP site.