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FileZilla 3 has the following dependencies:

  • libfilezilla
  • wxWidgets
  • GnuTLS
  • libidn (under Unix-like systems)
  • gettext (Compiletime only)
  • libdbus (under Unix-like systems)

If you've checked out FileZilla from the SVN repository as opposed to using an official release, you also need the following dependencies:

  • Perl
  • Libtool
  • autoconf
  • automake

Execute autoreconf -i after installing these additional dependencies.

If all dependencies are installed, compiling FileZilla is as simple as calling

  • ./configure
  • make
  • make install

If anything is missing, the configure script will tell you about it.

For more exotic systems, more detailed instructions are provided:

  1. Compiling FileZilla 3 under Windows
  2. Compiling FileZilla 3 under Mac OS X
  3. Cross Compiling FileZilla 3 for Windows under Debian GNU/Linux